Sedation Dentistry
in North Scottsdale, AZ estimates that up to 15 percent of children and adults have a dental phobia. We understand your fears at Dr. Rick Dentistry and do our best to help you achieve relaxation so you can get the dental services you need.

Your Sedation Options

You have probably heard of nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas. This is just one of the three options available to you. When you receive laughing gas, Dr. Rick places a mask over your nose and mouth containing nitrous oxide. As you inhale and exhale, it causes you to feel sleepy and relaxed. However, you remain awake and aware of your surroundings. You can speak if necessary. We can also provide you with one of the following:

  • Oral sedation: If you choose this method, our staff will provide you with a pill that induces relaxation to take the evening before or the morning of your appointment.
  • IV sedation: With this method, you receive a sedating drug in intravenous form. IV sedation is safe and continually monitored by an anesthesiologist. It allows you to experience pain-free dentistry in addition to waking up with little or no memory of the procedure.

Dr. Rick will discuss all these options with you and recommend the most appropriate one based on your dental history, the procedure you need, and your degree of anxiety about it.

Don’t Put Off the Dental Care you Need Another Day

When you ignore problems such as tooth decay or a fractured tooth, they tend to get worse to the point of requiring extraction. Getting the treatment you need with the aid of sedation dentistry in Scottsdale, AZ allows you to preserve your tooth as well as maintain better oral health. We work with you to ensure that every dental visit is as comfortable as possible.

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