Bad Breath: Embarrassing – But Fixable!

Dr-Rick-Dentistry-in-Scottsdale-AZ-woman-covering-her-mouthFor decades we’ve seen TV advertisements about the horrors of “bad breath” and what to do about it. We are now so sensitized to the issue that we are actually scared to tell somebody they have it. That’s too bad, because for many people, bad breath, known technically as “halitosis,” can be reduced or eliminated fairly easily.

Common Causes of Halitosis

Dr. Rick can likely determine if your halitosis comes from one or more of the common causes:

  • Food particles and bacteria in the teeth or gums
  • Gum disease and plaque
  • Dehydration and dry mouth
  • Tobacco and gum irritants
  • Other bodily illnesses or diseases

Scottsdale Dentist’s Effective Plan for Addressing Halitosis

Dr. Rick Dentistry offers the following plan:

  1. Ask a trusted friend, spouse, parent or child to tell you the truth about your breath. This is the hardest step. But with this information, you can begin to fix the problem.
  2. Do the easy things first: floss your teeth at night and brush your teeth before bed. Brush again in the morning, preferably after breakfast. For many people, a clean mouth and healthier gums will be enough.
  3. Reduce or stop using tobacco products because they naturally leave smelly residues, and because they can irritate gum conditions that cause halitosis.
  4. Be sure you’re following your doctor’s advice for allergies and hay fever, such as taking the recommended antihistamines and decongestants. Mucous from allergy symptoms can contribute to halitosis.
  5. After you’ve done the first four steps, check with your trusted person again to see if the halitosis is gone. If not, then visit the Scottsdale dentist, Dr. Rick, to specifically address the bad breath issue.

At Dr. Rick Dentistry in Scottsdale, we work with patients to address and correct halitosis problems. For this troubling problem, most people don’t even want to mention, there is real hope through easy steps and professional guidance. If you’re dating, or working closely with people, you might benefit immediately from better breath! Yes, halitosis is embarrassing, but it is fixable. Take your first step to better breath today.