Mother with daughter brushing tooth

Parent’s Role in Children’s Dental Health is Vital

February is a month full of national observations! Of course there’s Valentine’s Day on the 14th and Presidents’ Day on the 20th. February recognizes important causes such as Black History Month and National Heart Month. And February is also: National Bird Feeding Month, National Embroidery Month and National Canned Food Month. But patients of Dr. Rick Dentistry in Scottsdale might find this bizarre … February is both National Snack Food Month and National Children’s Dental Health Month!

It might seem crazy, but recognizing snack foods and remembering children’s dental health in the same month really spotlights our priorities as parents. As a family dentist in Scottsdale who is also a parent, Dr. Rick encourages parents and grandparents to help children develop good snacking and teeth-cleaning habits. Keeping up with good dental hygiene helps ensure a lifetime of good dental health.

  • Teach kids to brush their teeth twice a day and floss every day.
  • Check whether the kids are brushing and flossing correctly.
  • Ask their dentist whether teeth-protecting sealants would be appropriate.
  • Make sure the older kids are using athletic mouthguards when needed.
  • Schedule the next appointment for regular cleaning and checkup.
  • Review with the dentist any concerns about discolored, crooked or misaligned teeth.

As adults, we come to realize how good dental hygiene is vitally important for children. A person who has fewer cavities and fewer fillings as a child will likely have fewer dental problems as an adult, such as teeth that need more extensive repairs or even replacement or have other issues requiring cosmetic dentistry. Also, straightening teeth and guarding against gum disease in younger years can pave the way for less dental trouble for life.

Dr. Rick Dentistry strives to help people of all ages in the Scottsdale area enjoy strong teeth and healthy gums – and project a winning smile! National Children’s Dental Health Month reminds us to make dental health a priority for kids, too!