Have You Considered Botox for TMJ Relief?

According to the TMJ Association, 35 million people in the United States, the majority of whom are women in their childbearing years, are suffering from Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) disorders at any given time. If you have been diagnosed with TMJ, you may be a candidate for BOTOX® treatments to relieve TMJ pain and jaw tension. Dr. Rick Dentistry offers this exciting new treatment alternative to relieve the constant pain and drain on your life.

How Does Botox for TMJ Pain Work?

When the masseter or temporalis muscles, found on both sides of the head, become tense, the clenched muscles can cause headaches and jaw pain. Botox works by relaxing the muscles, thereby reducing the tension and relieving the pain. These very strong muscles require several carefully placed injections for the most effective treatment. The entire procedure can be completed within 10-30 minutes, and in most instances, you can return to work right away. Because this is a non-invasive treatment, the risks and side effects, if any, are minimal and temporary.

When Will I Start Feeling the Effects of Botox for TMJ?

As the Botox for TMJ begins to take effect, you’ll experience a lessening of jaw tension and a reduction in teeth grinding and clenching. Most of the patients in our North Scottsdale dentist office experience a noticeable improvement in the first two weeks. Some of our patients have even reported relief in just two to three days!

How Long Will the Botox for TMJ Treatment Last?

Botox for TMJ pain is temporary and requires repeat visits to keep the pain under control. On average, the effects of Botox last about three to four months, although some patients enjoy relief for up to six months. Many patients find that the effects last longer after having multiple treatments. At Dr. Rick Dentistry, we encourage patients to return as soon as the effect begins to wear off to keep the muscles from returning to the pre-Botox stage.

Am I A Candidate for BOTOX For TMJ Pain?

Dr. Rick Dentistry in North Scottsdale is trained and experienced in the use of BOTOX® for TMJ. Schedule a consultation in our office to learn if you may be a candidate. Relief could be just days away!