Worst Junk Food for Your Teeth

Did you know that July 21st is National Junk Food Day? Many people celebrate this day by consuming their favorite junk food without considering the toll it takes on their teeth. You may want to steer away from certain foods that are extremely harmful to your teeth, or maybe just limit yourself to small amounts to protect your teeth and your overall health!

Sugary Treats

Most people can’t resist delicious sugary treats, even though they know that sugar is bad for their teeth. When sugar sits in your mouth, the harmful bacteria feed on it and creates acids, which in turn cause cavities. It’s important to limit your intake of sugar and not to allow it to sit in your mouth, so brushing and flossing your teeth along with drinking lots of water is vital to lower your risk of tooth decay.

Hard Candies

While these yummy treats may seem harmless, eating too many and the constant exposure to sugar can harm your teeth. They also put your teeth at risk because they often damage your enamel and may cause dental emergencies including chipped or broken teeth. Why not choose sugarless gum instead?

Sticky, Chewy Foods

You may want to choose a healthy snack, but did you know that even dried fruit snacks can harm your teeth? The reason is that these types of foods are sticky and tend to attach to and stay on and between your teeth longer than others. The prolonged presence of food debris provides an abundant energy supply for bacteria which cause them to produce much more acid than usual. If you choose to snack on dried fruits or trail mix, rinse your teeth with water and brush and floss carefully. Better yet, go for some fresh, nutritious fruit instead!

Crunchy Foods

We all love the satisfying crunch of junk food such as potato chips. Unfortunately, these snacks are full of starch, which may end up trapped in your teeth. If you have to have some crunchy treats on National Junk Food Day, make sure to brush and floss carefully to remove all the food particles that may result in plaque buildup.


Saltines and other types of crackers include refined carbohydrates, which turn to sugar very quickly after being consumed. These comfort snacks can get stuck between your teeth, creating a haven for cavity-forming bacteria. Make sure to brush and floss, and drink plenty of water after enjoying your treat.

Carbonated Drinks

Did you know that sugary or carbonated drinks can cause significant harm to your teeth? Exposing your teeth to sugary sodas for long periods of time allows plaque bacteria to use that sugar to produce acids that then attack your tooth enamel. Soft drinks including diet soda are acidic, meaning that they too can harm your teeth. Why not opt for a refreshing, crisp cup of water instead?

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