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The Dangers of DIY Dentistry

Some patients attempted do-it-yourself or DIY dentistry on themselves or their loved ones, often with catastrophic results. Financial difficulty or limited access to dental care may drive some people to try self-treatment. Others may be taken with all the commercials they see on TV ads or social media claiming quick fixes for dental problems. Choosing the DIY route can cause serious damage to your oral health. It’s best to leave your dental care to trained and experienced dental professionals.

DIY Dentistry Dangers

According to the American Dental Association (ADA), DIY dental procedures can harm the teeth, gums, bone, and the ligaments that support the teeth. Depending on the issues being addressed and the nature of the DIY treatments, there is a risk for long-term complications including problems with the jaw, an abnormal bite, gum disease, tooth decay, and even tooth loss.

DIY Dentistry Trends

At Home Cavity Filling: There are DIY temporary filling kits available to repair lost fillings or crowns. The mistake many individuals make is relying on DIY tooth fillings as long-term solutions rather than seeking the proper treatment. Taking matters into your own hands is dangerous, with the risk of developing a painful infection, gum disease, or even tooth loss.

Closing Gaps Between Teeth: A trend that continues to increase in popularity is an at-home technique for closing gaps between teeth using gap bands. Did you know that dental professionals often use dental elastics as a method of non-surgical tooth removal in patients with certain disorders? When the bands move along the surfaces of teeth and gums, they destroy the soft tissue and bones, resulting in tooth loss. Before attempting to use gap bands, keep in mind that they can cause inflammation, infection, or severe damage to your teeth.

At-Home Teeth Straightening: Many people are attracted to the idea of having straighter teeth quickly and with the convenience of being at home. However, DIY braces or aligners without direct dental supervision are a bad idea. Orthodontists undergo extensive specialized training beyond dental school, which allows them to create safe and effective treatment plans designed to perfect your smile. DIY appliances, on the other hand, can end up causing problems, including moving the teeth too fast or damaging the teeth and bones.

At-Home Tooth Removal: Parents often resort to DIY tooth removal methods such as tying one end of a piece of string to a loose tooth and another to a doorknob, then slamming the door. Prematurely removing a child’s loose tooth can result in soft tissue damage or infection. Some people resort to using pliers to remove painful teeth. As with other DIY trends, there are risks associated with pulling out your own teeth. You could end up with an infection, or even worse, the tooth could break, resulting in excruciating pain and requiring costly dental treatments.

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