10 Reasons Why You Should Not Fear a Root Canal

10 Reasons Why You Should Not Fear a Root Canal

If you've been dreading an upcoming root canal therapy appointment, your trusted team at Dr. Rick Dentistry would like to reassure you that the procedure is simple and virtually free of pain. Here are 10 reasons why you should not fear root canals.

#1 Root Canals Relieve Pain, Not Cause It

Root canal problems often cause intense tooth pain. The good news is that root canal therapy helps alleviate the pain and doesn't contribute to it. The procedure itself is similar to a dental filling in terms of discomfort, and once you recover, your tooth pain is gone for good!

#2 Root Canals Save Natural Teeth

Nothing compares to saving a natural tooth, and root canal therapy does just that. Instead of losing a tooth and having to replace it with an implant or a bridge, you'll restore the health and function of your damaged tooth. The procedure will leave you smiling with confidence and will safeguard your future dental health.

#3 Root Canals Prevent Health Complications

Did you know that a tooth infection can spread to other parts of the mouth? Even worse, oral bacteria can enter the gums and bloodstream, causing a host of problems. In some cases, the infection can cause a serious condition called sepsis, which can be detrimental to your health.

#4 Advances in Anesthesia

Today's advances in dental anesthesia help make the procedure comfortable and free of stress. Newer medications help increase the length of time and potency of the numbing agents, allowing for a more positive root canal experience than in the past.

#5 Advances in Dental Technology

Today's drills and x-rays are efficient and are designed with patient comfort in mind. Moreover, lasers help allow for much easier procedures and better treatment outcomes.

#6 Root Canal Treatments are Relatively Quick

Root canal therapy is a relatively quick treatment, not much longer than a regular cavity filling, thanks to improved techniques. That translates to less time in the dentist's chair, and a faster road to a pain-free mouth.

#7 Pain After the Procedure is Minimal

Some people fear root canals because of possible pain after the procedure. Most patients return to their daily routine the very next day. However, if needed, we will prescribe pain medication to help make your recovery a breeze.

#8 Root Canal Therapy Does Not Lead to Illness

The old myth that a root canal treatment can somehow make you sick has been debunked. There is no evidence linking root canal therapy to disease anywhere in the body.

#9 Root Canals Are Very Effective

Modern dentistry has come a long, and today's root canals have over a 95 percent success rate. That means it's unlikely that a treated tooth will cause future problems.

#10 Root Canals Are Straightforward

Understanding the procedure and how straightforward it is can help calm your fears. We'll numb the area using a local anesthetic and will administer inhaled or oral sedation, if needed, to help keep you relaxed and comfortable. We will drill a small hole through your tooth to access the diseased pulp, then remove the infection, and clean and seal the area. In most cases, a crown is needed after root canal therapy to strengthen the affected tooth. Your restoration will look, feel, and function just like a natural tooth!

Gentle Root Canal Therapy Near Me

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