Professional Teeth Whitening 101 - All You Need to Know

Professional Teeth Whitening 101 – All You Need to Know

If you've been shying away from smiling because of stained or discolored teeth, you've come to the right place. Dr. Rick Dentistry is pleased to offer safe and effective professional teeth whitening solutions to unlock a smile several shades whiter and brighter in just one office visit. A visit to your Scottsdale dentist will have you in a beautifully white smile before you know it!

How Do Teeth Get Stained and Discolored?

Teeth staining and discoloration can result from poor oral hygiene, the natural aging process, smoking, and consuming highly pigmented foods and beverages, including coffee, wine, and berries. It can also develop due to trauma or taking certain medications, such as those containing tetracycline.

How Does Teeth Whitening Work?

Teeth whitening involves the application of hydrogen or carbamide peroxide gel to the tooth surfaces. The bleaching agent breaks down the stain, delivering whiter teeth and a brighter smile.

Teeth whitening is best suited for yellowish stains, while gray or brown stains resulting from trauma or medications may not bleach as well. Whitening will not lift stains off restorations such as tooth fillings, dental veneers, crowns, or dentures. If you're not a candidate for peroxide-based teeth whitening treatments, Dr. Rick may recommend different cosmetic dentistry solutions, such as crowns, veneers, or cosmetic bonding.

Over-the-Counter Teeth Whitening Products

Numerous teeth whitening options are available over the counter at your local drugstore. These include peroxide-based whitening gels, trays, or strips and whitening toothpastes containing mild abrasives that remove some surface stains.

While many home whitening kits promise Hollywood-worthy smiles, many are sure to disappoint. Worse yet, some of these whitening products can cause significant damage to the teeth and gums. For the best and safest results, choose professional teeth whitening under the care of your experienced Dr. Rick Dentistry team.

Professional Teeth Whitening

Most patients require one office visit to achieve their desired treatment goals. However, severe staining and discoloration may require additional appointments.

To start your smile's transformation, Dr. Rick will place a protective shield on your gums. Next, he'll apply the professional-grade bleaching agent to your tooth surfaces. Unlike over-the-counter whitening remedies, Dr. Rick's professional whitening gel formulation reaches the deepest layers of the teeth, lifting the most stubborn stains.

Dr. Rick will use a specialized laser beam to enhance the whitening effect. Next is a fluoride treatment to lower the risk of tooth sensitivity and strengthen your teeth and gums. Professional teeth whitening can lift years of staining, leaving you with stunning results.

Is Professional Teeth Whitening Safe?

Teeth whitening is considered one of the safest cosmetic dentistry procedures available today. Most patients report no adverse effects, except for minor tooth sensitivity, which typically resolves soon after treatment. Occasional touch-ups will ensure you continue to enjoy a dazzling smile.

Professional Teeth Whitening Near Me in Scottsdale, AZ

Visit Dr. Rick's dental practice to learn more about our safe and highly effective teeth whitening solutions. Dr. Rick will evaluate your unique needs and recommend the best option to brighten your smile. Are you ready to dazzle? Call us and schedule your appointment today!