Transform Your Smile This New Year Your Ultimate Guide to Cosmetic Dentistry

Transform Your Smile This New Year: Your Ultimate Guide to Cosmetic Dentistry

Transform Your Smile This New Year: Your Ultimate Guide to Cosmetic Dentistry

Looking for ways to improve the appearance of your smile? Dr. Rick and our team at Dr. Rick’s Dentistry offer a range of cosmetic dentistry solutions to transform your smile with beautifully natural results! Dr. Rick has been recognized for his extensive experience and expertise and was voted “Best Cosmetic Dentist 2022” by the Modern Luxury Scottsdale Magazine. We invite you to get started today! 

Dr. Rick’s Popular Cosmetic Dentistry Options

The following are the most common cosmetic dental services proudly offered by Dr. Rick Dentistry: 

Professional Teeth Whitening: If you’ve been hiding your smile due to teeth stains and discoloration, you may want to consider teeth whitening, our most popular cosmetic dentistry treatment. In-office teeth whitening involves applying professional-grade whitening gel onto your tooth surfaces and using a specialized laser beam to enhance the whitening results. Just one visit to our office will brighten your smile several shades, leaving you with dazzling results. 

Porcelain Veneers: Porcelain veneers are ultra-thin tooth-colored shells we place on the front of your teeth to improve their shape, size, color, or overall appearance. They are ideal for treating heavy staining that does not respond to traditional whitening treatments. They can also restore chipped, cracked, or broken teeth and can close small gaps between your teeth. Porcelain veneers can transform your smile while also fortifying your natural tooth structure. 

Cosmetic Crowns: Porcelain crowns are natural-looking and feeling restorations that offer an aesthetic solution to repair weak, severely decayed, cracked, or otherwise damaged teeth. They also help protect teeth after root canal treatment, support dental bridges, cover dental implants, and make cosmetic enhancements by improving the color, size, alignment, and general appearance of a tooth. At Dr. Rick Dentistry, we offer cutting-edge one-hour CEREC crowns, leaving you with seamless results. 

Invisalign: Looking for solutions to straighten your smile without dealing with traditional metal braces? Invisalign may be just the solution for you. The world’s most advanced clear aligner system, brought to you by Align Technology, uses a series of custom aligners to gently shift your teeth into their desired position. The discreet and convenient orthodontic solution can deliver the smile of your dreams with incredible precision, all without anyone knowing.  

Dental Implants: Implant dentistry is today’s gold standard for replacing missing teeth, delivering results second only to your natural, healthy teeth. The process involves placing small titanium posts into your jawbone to replace missing tooth roots. During healing, your implants will fuse to the bone, providing stable foundations for single crowns, implant-supported bridges, or implant-supported dentures. Dental implants are the only tooth replacements that preserve the jawbone, preventing bone loss. With proper care, they can last a lifetime!

Which Cosmetic Dentistry Option Is Right for You?

Transforming your smile starts with a consultation with Dr. Rick, who will create a custom treatment plan to address your unique needs. Your smile makeover may include one or a combination of cosmetic and restorative treatment options to deliver a smile that will make you want to smile. 

Cosmetic Dentistry Near Me in Scottsdale, AZ

If you’re ready to transform your smile, contact Dr. Rick Dentistry to schedule a consultation. Dr. Rick and his dedicated team are committed to using state-of-the-art technology and techniques to deliver the smile of your dreams. We invite you to call 480-585-4244 to schedule your appointment or request one online today!