Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening Dos and Don’ts

Looking for solutions to whiten for a bright Scottsdale smile? If so, Dr. Rick Dentistry is here to help. We are pleased to offer professional teeth whitening treatments to unlock a smile several shades whiter in one office visit. Are you ready to dazzle?

How Does Teeth Whitening Work? 

As the years go by, poor oral hygiene, the natural aging process, smoking, and consuming dark foods and beverages like coffee, wine, and berries can leave you with dull and discolored teeth. Teeth staining can also occur due to trauma, illnesses, or certain medications. 

Professional teeth whitening involves the use of a carbamide or hydrogen peroxide gel to break down stains, delivering a brighter smile. It is highly effective for most patients, especially those with yellowish stains from dark foods or smoking. Grayish or brown stains due to trauma or medications may not respond as well. 

The Dos of Teeth Whitening

  • Consult Your Dentist First: Before you start any teeth whitening treatment, it’s important to consult with a dental professional. Our team at Dr. Rick Dentistry will provide you with personalized care and guidance based on your unique needs. 
  • Maintain Good Oral Hygiene: Make sure you brush your teeth twice a day (or more) and floss daily. Removing plaque daily before it hardens to tartar will help prevent your teeth from staining and will keep your smile shining brighter. 
  • Keep Up with Dental Cleanings: Keeping up with your regular dental cleanings will help remove plaque buildup and unsightly tooth surface stains. Our team will also address any problems as they develop, ensuring you maintain a bright and healthy smile. 
  • Drink Plenty of Water: Water washes away food debris, neutralizes acids, and prevents dry mouth, keeping your mouth clean and fresh. Make sure to drink plenty of water to lower the risk of tooth staining. 
  • Eat Crunchy Fruits and Vegetables: Often described as “nature’s toothbrushes,” crunchy foods and vegetables, like celery, apples, and carrots, can help remove surface stains. If you’re in the mood for a snack, skip the sugary, starchy treats and opt for a sliced fruit or veggie instead. 
  • Use Touch-Up Whitening: If you’ve had a professional teeth whitening treatment, Dr. Rick may recommend occasional touch-ups. That way, you can continue to enjoy your white, dazzling smile. 

The Don’ts of Teeth Whitening

  • Don’t Overuse Whitening Products: More is not necessarily better. Over-whitening can lead to tooth sensitivity and may damage your tooth enamel and gums, so make sure to stick to the recommended amounts and directions. 
  • Limit Staining Foods and Drinks: Limit dark foods that can stain your teeth, like coffee, tea, red wine, soy sauce, and berries. If you must have staining foods or drinks, rinse right after with water to minimize contact with your teeth. 
  • Don’t Ignore Tooth Sensitivity: If you experience increased sensitivity or discomfort during or after whitening, contact us at Dr. Rick Dentistry. We can provide guidance and ensure your smile stays free from damage.
  • Don’t Rely Solely on Whitening for a Beautiful Smile: Remember, a bright, white smile doesn’t necessarily mean a healthy one. It’s important to continue to prioritize your overall dental care.

Teeth Whitening Near Me in Scottsdale, AZ

Contact Dr. Rick Dentistry for more information about our safe and highly effective teeth whitening treatments. Remember – do it yourself or over-the-counter whitening products often have harsh chemicals that can damage your teeth and gums. Before starting any whitening treatment, make sure to consult with Dr. Rick and his dedicated team for guidance. We invite you to call 480-585-4244 to schedule your appointment or request one online today!